The 10 best handbags from the Quebec company Annick Levesque

Consult our guide to the 10 best sellers by the Quebec designer Annick Levesque and make your choice.
You will find handbag, backpack, small shoulder bag, and even a travel bag.
Let yourself be transported into her universe!


Alexandra Style

Transformable Leather Handbag in backpack

The Alexandra style is a "Hobo" type bag, you can wear it on the shoulder and as a backpack. Great, it stands out with its front compartment fitted with an integrated wallet. Handcrafted in genuine leather, The Alexandra style also incorporates the Zee integrated light system. This bag is available in several colors like black, grey, bordeaux, navy, etc.


Alice style

 Backpack, 2 in 1, including a Crossbody bag with its ajustable strap

 The leather backpack, two in one, Alice offers the possibility of removing the front pocket in order to convert to a small handbag that you can carry over the shoulder or over the shoulder. Ideal for your excursions during your trips!

Josée style


Transformable leather handbag into a Backpack

 The Josée style is a flat "Hobo" type bag, can be worn on the shoulder or as a backpack. Great, it stands out with its zipper at the bottom of the bag, to adapt it to your personal belongings. Handcrafted in genuine leather, The Josée style also incorporates the Zee integrated light system. Currently available in black, burgundy, navy, gray, taupe, blush pink, and many more.

The Carmen


 Small Crossbody bag - leather wallet

 The Carmen style is the perfect hybrid between the handbag and the wallet. Hand-worn or with its adjustable strap, it can be worn on the shoulder or at the waist. Ladies who travel and play tourists will appreciate its compact format, perfect for a smartphone, makeup, and passports. The front pocket benefits from a large opening, just like a wallet. This bag is also equipped with a system of integrated lights.

Frederick bag


Leather travel bag with integrated garment bag

Large convertible travel bag for men or women. Ideal for clothes such as your suits, dresses, shoes, and accessories. The bag can open fully to become a garment bag. The cover is long enough to accommodate a cocktail dress. It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, with its large adjustable leather strap. Rear opening with a clasp to slide it onto your wheeled suitcase for easy travel.  Perfect for your business trips, vacations, hikes, or romantic getaway. Available in black, black croco embossed, and grey

Mona Medium style


 Transformable leather handbag 

 Heart stroke! The Mona moyen has made its place: it is the favorite bag of those that assume all the roles of life. It's very large opening and its sides folding inwards give it two unique styles. The "weekender" style, is perfect to switch from professional mode to a Happy Hour, for example. We love her full-grain aniline leather, giving her a patinated look with time while keeping her shapes.

Heidi style


Leather round bag 

 The Handbag Heidi transformable into a backpack will appeal to many. This genuine leather bag has an integrated LED light system. It can be carried by hand, on the shoulder, or as a backpack. Available in several colors.

Gisele style

Leather Crossbody Bag

The Gisèle style is an everyday bag. It is worn on the shoulder or crossbody. Made by hand, and made of genuine leather and with an integrated light system. Gisèle accompanies you in your day to day routine, protecting your belongings with its well-thought-out interior compartments.  Available in several colors, like black, navy, burgundy, etc

Clarence style

Small handbag, 2 in 1, including a pouch

The classic and compact Clarence style is a small structured city bag that includes detachable round handles and a leather keychain, for increased functionality. Everything you need to spend an evening in style.  This bag is also equipped with a system of integrated lights.



Leather Handbag

 Grande ouverture extérieure avec fermeture éclair donnant accès à tout vos effets personnels par l'arrière du sac pour un accès plus intime et sécuritaire.  This classic Chloé handbag is just the ticket for the on-the-go style. Handmade in our Aniline full-grain leather, adding polished hardware for a high-shine finish. Large exterior opening with zipper giving access to all your personal belongings from the back of the bag for more intimate and secure access.