How to care for your leather bag

Illustration: Leather Handbag Clarence

The purchase of a new purse or backpack can be a significant expense for many, which is why it is essential to find out about the proper and appropriate maintenance for the equipment used. Premium quality genuine leather Annick Lévesque handbags also require special attention when it comes to leather care.
This article gives you some tips to maximize your new purchase:

1 – Well Organized!

When you're not using your bag, fill it with tissue paper, bubble wrap or a simple towel to maintain its shape. Keep your bag upright and avoid damp areas to maintain the luster and quality of the leather. Store your leather bag in its original pouch or soft textile sheath for added protection.

2 – Be Careful!

how to care a leather handbag

Illustration:  Mona moyen Handbag

Regarding Annick Levesque handbags, our bags are already treated to resist water. If you wish to restore it, gently wipe the bag and shoulder strap dry using a soft towel dampened with lukewarm water, then dry it with another soft cloth towel. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the bag, as this may damage it. Remember that leather is often dyed, and the use of soaps can lead to discoloration. If you really want a more powerful cleaning, call in the services of a leather cleaning specialist, he will know what to do, your bag will be in good hands.

As for cleaning, several sites will recommend so-called "grandmother's" recipes in order to clean your bag economically, but this would not be recommended. Indeed, an error of proportion, too sensitive leather or just a bad recipe could damage your bag more than anything else.

3 – Not to do!

  • Avoid overfilling your purse since it’s not just your back that will suffer! You risk damaging the zipper as well as the structure of the bag. So a little advice, do the housework from time to time ... to lighten your bag and take care of your bag.
  • Avoid letting the leather touch the ground. Dust and dirt can get stuck in it and, depending on the surface, the bag runs the risk of receiving slight damage, which is why many of our models have small metal legs, like the Olivia, for example, in order to minimize the contact of the leather with any undesirable surfaces.


  • Ink is a leather bag's worst enemy! It is very important to avoid ink stains on leather, as they cannot be removed.


Finally, if your bag suffers from reasonable damage, the Annick Levesque Accessories store offers free repair services for all our products, which allows your bags to keep in optimal condition, so that it can accompany you for many years!