Designer, leather worker, entrepreneur: I have all of these titles! One of my passions is about the opportunity to save time. And that notion takes on its full meaning with the integration of technologies to my leather accessories. This is how I created and patented the Zee technology, which uses magnetism to activate a system of lights at the opening of the bag. The beauty in this idea is that even if the concept seems simple, the potential has no limit...
Of a pragmatic nature, the design of each accessory begins with a list of needs. Far from traditional "inspirational pictures" or mood board, my inspiration comes from everyday life, with the intention to create timeless styles. Quality is the first criterion to be met, this is what guides every decision. In short, to me the aesthetic and functional aspects are inseparable.
Since 2009, I proudly designed, produced and marketed hundreds of products, in cooperation with several brands, including Mahée Perfumes and Harricana by Mariouche. I continue, in my own way, a tradition already present in the south-west sector of Montreal (St-Henri), known for generations for its numerous tanneries, including Elpro International, specialized in leather and travel goods. So it was no coincidence that I chose this place to install my showroom and workshop... this is where time stops, and where I give life to my passion!

To conclude: I cannot ignore the causes that affect me and are close to my heart. Every year, I do my utmost to support organizations working with  underprivileged children , and people with intellectual disability. Click here to make a difference in their lives!